Thursday, July 14, 2011

If Eric Bolling and Greg Gutfeld Were Fem, Wing Nuts Would Accuse me of Being Sexist for Saying the Obvious.

Both are morons and sluts.

Now to set this up, both moronic sluts are members of the (said to alternate, in the future as planned) panel of 5 talking heads on the show that replaced Beck on Fox, this week. First Gutfeld's slutty moronic moment. I think it was Tuesday. There was a heated discussion about political rhetoric. Lone Dem Bob Beckel, in an unattributed quote, parroted the infamous line about the desire of some wing nuts to, "Drown it," the Fed gvt., "In a bathtub," line. Gutfeld's reaction to that was to accuse Beckel of engaging in overheated rhetoric. Slut is such a moron he apparently doesn't know Grover Norquist's famous, and by my count thirty year old line. As far as slutty moronic stunts go, that's hard to beat.

Enter Bolling. Who already has racked up some of the most stupid (and racist) lines of a Fox New Employee this year already. He said, a couple days ago, he did not know of any terrorist attacks in the US during the Bush years. Critics and people who have been in a coma since before 9/11 (and still are in such comas) all rose as one to pimp slap this moronic slut for forgetting 9/11.

Allegedly toady, he replied to his critics defensively and by lashing out. How dare people take him at his slutty moronic word? How dare those mean libs hold him to the standard meanings of the words he chooses and uses?

And to make matters worse, in his apology he basically doubled down on the slutty moronic shit by saying but for 9/11 . . . . As if no one died in the Anthrax Attack. Or the Beltway sniper cases. Ya.

Oh and I am calling both sluts not for the sexual insult as much as the secondary meaning: a coarse obnoxious person.

I confess. I haven't watched the Bolling vid at the link yet. I relied on the Mediate reporting for my first impression. That's me being fair to him as much as possible. My actual feelings are going to be far more judgmental than calling him a moronic slut. Here goes. I will watch as soon as I post this shit.

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