Friday, July 08, 2011

I Intend For This to be a Quickie. Nancy Grace.

I'd like Nancy Grace a lot more if she finally got herself an attractive hair cut. I googled her for images. Every shot had her in a ugly-assed coiffure.

Granted, it doesn't look exactly like Palin's modified mullet, but it seems to me to be another variant on a mullet. Poofy on top, straight, longish, and close to the head on the sides. It's a fucking mullet!

Anyway, Nancy, Nancy, Nancy. I call foul on your remarks to your critics. Don't like my act, don't watch my show? That's a load of shit, honey. You are on the gaming grid. You are a celebrity/media personality. You are part of the nation's entertainment even if your show is sorta newsy, it's really infotainment. That makes it entertainment product no matter what your network calls itself. You are every bit as fodder for the insatiable American appetite for morsels of celebrity icon nuggets as the Kardashians or the Wasilla Hillbillies.

I want to say get over yourself, but that's not just right. Instead, I will say get your modified mullet wearing head out of your ass, honey!

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