Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Quickies

Rebekah Brooks Resigns.

I confess I usually have a thing for redheads. So there's some draw for me, here.

Do I know for a fact she was neck deep in the particulars of the scams? I find it hard to believe not. Well we will have to see how she comes out of it. Not been arrested. Yet.

In other news, seems P. Obama is endorsing means testing for Medicare. For Crying Out Loud! It's time to go Chicago Way on those GOP gangsters. Not pander to them. No more pandering.

Oh and speaking of the evil them, apparently Grover Norquist (of all minions of evil and professional sowers of malcontent) thinks things in DC have been too partisan.

Too fucking partisan? This coming from the guy famous for the quote regarding how it would be great to shrink the fed gov down to a size small enough to drown in a bathub is now thinking partisanship is a fucking bad thing?

Either he's off his meds, or finally got on some, or really needs some! My opinion!

Oh. And I listened to the interview.

Now I don't literally believe in hell, but if there were such a place I expect Grover has a special devil, hand selected by Beezlebub, waiting on his lying, evil punk ass.

Edit to Add:

A moment of euphoric and unexpected delight. Michele Bachmann mispronouncing “chutzpah.” Here.

Well, it could have been worse. She could have been caught more than once, substituting her cross for a star of David.

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