Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fox News Calls on Wing Nut Shrink to Analyze Its "Enemy" . . .

such wing nut shrink making comments about the motives of the "Enemy."

I think the shrink would have been better off analyzing Fox's dysfunction in tapping him to attack its "enemy."

Irony get's lost on these wingnuts. Or common sense.


If I understood the law better, I might be willing to say David Brock of Media Matters has a good cause of action against Fox. But I know the law of defamation well enough to know that Fox would claim David Brock is a Public Person. And that all by itself makes the case less viable. Or at least more expensive. However . . . if David Brock can do some fundraising to fund the fight, he very well might get deep enough into discovery to find even more evidence to prove Fox is a nasty as he says it is. In theory I think proving actual malice is not so off the charts here that the case should not be allowed to go to depositions. That would just cost a lot of money to get that far.

If he chooses that path, good luck with that, I'd say. I likely could not work on such a case. I'm marginally conflicted out of that case on that side. Damnit!

PS: I know Fox could countersue. It could get ugly, in theory. Yea, in theory.

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