Friday, July 08, 2011

Back to Picking on Wingnut Bloggers . . .

Now my initial argument might be flat out wrong. The Casey Anthony trial verdict has been the disproportionately covered story of the week, so there's that. And it's not really a political thing (I have said this already.) But the wing nuts over on Ann Althouse's blog?

Yesterday, @ 8:49 she posted a story about the hacker mess in Britain, for Unka Rupert and Newscorp. And @ 8:53 she posted some nonsense about the Anthony trial. As of this moment I am typing this sentences, the Newscorp story has only 21 comments. The Anthony post has 161.

I'm sorta curious why that the biggest scandal involving Rupert Murdoch's media empire is getting so little attention from a krew of die hard wing nuts. Is this the Internet equivalent of jamming fingers in one's ears and going,"La la la la la. I can't hear what you are saying?"

Now for the actual comments. The first minion says yes, the hacking was wrong, but he pulls a classic red herring play by saying the bigger scandal is the ATF thing. You know. That thing that already has Congressional Hearings about it? A particularly ill informed minion goes on to argue that (despite investigations, arrests and all that shit) he can't believe journalists were able to do it. And he's so wrong he's right, with his dumbassed strawman. It wasn't the journalists who did the hacking. They hired private detectives for the dirty work. And (and it's not like I have paid that much attention to the story myself. I got this from one TV story this week,) for the most part the scam involved using default passwords or some trick based on a glitch in the software. So this wasn't LuLz Sec level hacking.

Some other dromedary pipes in with the selective outrage argument, as if showing pictures of flag draped coffins and caskets (hey, its Britain we are talking about,) is on the same level of deliberately breaking into some one's voicemail. That's one stupid-assed argument there. That second one? It's a crime!

We had one zombie bring up the Wikileaks story as a red herring, and for a final red herring, the other unbraindead minion who brought up both dumpster diving for dirt on Palin, and the hacking case concerning her. Now dood. Dumpster diving is legal. And the kid who "hacked" Palin got arrested and convicted. I repeat. Arrested and convicted.

It's just silly identity politics. I know. These wing nuts are emotionally bonded to Unka Rupert on account of his Fox News channel serving them their daily dose of delusional, wing nut dog food. But as a social science matter for study, it's a brilliant example of group think and Dunning-Kruger. There seems to be no limit on the level of stupid arguments some people will go, to defend their ideological buddies. Compare that to what most Dems did one there was no doubt that Weiner played all of us. We dumped him and stopped defending him.

Reason is the higher value than loyalty. And if your buddy betrays you first by fucking up, make his ass walk the plank. That's not you being disloyal. That's you cutting your losses, with reason.

Anyway, I don't think the scandal in the UK will bode all that badly for Newscorp's US operations. Unless we find out they have been up to the same sort (or similar) of shit here. I'm the guy who has been waiting for years and years to see the mighty Fox News brought down in scandal and infamy. I am not holding my breath yet. But I could use some good news on that front about now. Please?

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