Thursday, June 30, 2011

You Don't Need to Use a Foghorn Leghorn Voice to Make Herman Cain Look Like a Fool.

Just ask him a specific question, and try hard to get him to get specific, or alternatively let him do his 'Tambo and Bones' routine.

Eliot Spitzer chides Cain: ‘Generalities Don’t Solve Problems.

Granted, the same goes for most of the Wannabe Klowns. They spew dogma and ideology, but try to get them to lay out any thing specific? Ya might as well try to get milk from a rock, for the futility of it. Cain was particularly odiously repellent, and ignorant, and ill informed here. And at the end, where he refused to answer a question about cutting the budget now, and he replied he wasn't going to answer that . . . because he would have never let it (the crisis) happen in the first place?

Ya. That was such an ignorant answer he might as well stripped naked, jumped up on the table and played with himself while singing "I Feel Pretty." Ok. I grade hard, but his answers were so bad, Mr. Cain is profoundly unfit to be Commissioner of Public Works of a small town, leave alone POTUS. If he has no clue how much like a fool he appears when he answers all those questions with things like, I don't know, I will have to wait until I (win and) get all the data, I haven't read the report, I don't know any specifics, he clearly is not POTUS material (hold off on the Bush jokes. He had the money people on his side to start.)

Anyway, I will take a cheap shot. His own actual accent? Kinda bad. He does have some suthern cuntry pronunciation going there, and when he get a little excited it becomes more pronounced, and makes him seem less articulate. And that shit is not good. It's not very credible to criticize people for making a caricature out of oneself, when one does most of the work for them.

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