Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"We're On A Road To Nowhere."

I did not start off intending to use the title from the Talking Head's song, but it just came to me.

Skulls Palin, Cyborg, Arctic Decoy Unit is putting the bus tour on "hiatus."

Granted. This does not mean we can now comfortably guess she's staying out of the race. Ya never know with her. She seems to just do shit randomly. Granted, that would be a lousy trait to have in a POTUS. But you know there are some batshit crazy wing nuts who would argue that point.

Anyway, where are those people who were predicting she was outsmarting all the critics? Where's the people who were saying Mrs. Palin was breaking all the rules; that she was going to redefine how campaigning for POTUS is done?

Hopefully they are off getting psych tested. Neurological testing, too. Pays to cover all bases, all that.

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