Friday, June 24, 2011

This is So Stupid. Even by Bill O'Reilly's Standards.

This could also be filed under the heading,"How Could This Possibly Be News?" But under "So Stupid," works too.

Now Media Matters (which I am happy to link to, here on this very blog) does a mighty fine job of attacking by publicity, the bias of wing nut media. And Bill O'Reilly doesn't like that. Neither does C. Boyden Gray, who got zinged by them once, himself. Which I learned about here. But not on Mediaite, where I first saw the story mentioned.

Anyway, Mr. Gray has a theory that Media Matters should lose it's tax exempt status because it is not living up to it's stated mission of tracking bias in the media?

Excuse me? That has to be another egregious example of what I was talking about in my previous post about how fucking wing nuts will redefine words, or ignore the plain meanings of words, or deny reality itself.

Asshole. Listen up asshole. Ya, you Ambassador Asshole. If I start off saying I am going to track bias in the media, and if I only track bias in right wing media, I am in fact tracking bias in the media. Asshole.

Good luck with your complaint. Asshole.

What is is about being a wing nut that makes people with otherwise exceptional educations, and resumes, and by extension, intelligence, act like complete schumks and say obviously stupid shit?

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