Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Somebody Else Noticed Breitbart's Maybe Felony.

One of the most striking things about Andrew Breitbart's nauseating appearance on the stage at that press conference to my mind was his remarks about holding back a certain photo for "insurance." And the words that came after that triggered my "This could be blackmail," alarm. Someone else noticed.

The writer of this column even gives the standard definition of blackmail. Go Here.

I would have to guess (after having done extensive research on that crime, years ago,) that that would suffice for extortion under the NY law. Question is whether or not doing it on live cam triggers the Fed. Statute? Maybe that explains why he was saying later that day that he did not know he was on TV. Um. That's suspicious. That particular ratfucker should know the TV game well enough to know that even if it might not have been broadcast live to the audience, that the feed was being broadcast to the studio. He has to know that much.

But hey. Not an excuse, but that is the way GOPers operate. And I mean blackmail. I have seen it time and time again. Isn't that what them sumbitches are doing over the debt ceiling matter? I really hate those guys. Oh,and I would love to see Breitbart arrested and tried. That would be fun!

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