Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Some Quickies.

I call bullshit, on the people in the Alaska government who are printing the long awaited emails from Skulls Palin's time as Gov., instead of making them available digitally. According to them,"It does not have the ability to digitally redact information from the documents." Here.

I'm not merely calling bullshit here. I'm calling bald-faced lie. Granted, I do that shit for a living, so I can say over the past 6 years I have used at least 10 different applications that had that functionality.

Yo! Alaska! I can get you the number for a subsidiary of Deloitte, that can bang that shit out. If you want to save a few bucks, their shop in Bangalore is available. (Damned liars.)

Moving on. I really hope when the dust settles that Rep. Weiner comes out substantially clean here. And that is not merely because I want to see Breitbart put out of business if not arrested for some criminal conspiracy. And I would like to see that. But I want the media, generally, spanked. There's more innuendo here than evidence of any wrong doing by Weiner. Asking questions rhetorically is not journalism, dammit. Shouting questions at one person who has already said I don't want to talk about that anymore, only barely qualifies. Go out there and find facts, get answers. And remember the following. It's summer. It's the beginning of fake news season. Don't get ahead of yourself kids. And remember. Ratfucking has been around for decades (if not centuries, by other names.) Don't get played. The media looks really bad when tenderly led by the noses, as asses are. (Thanks to The Bard himself, for that last line.)

On to the Palinpalozza Tour. Speaking of the press being led by the nose, jeeze, Louise, please! Particularly if you in the press are upset by the Palin's refusing to play nice and give you advance warning of the schedule, cut the fuckers off. Go black out on her and her tacky bus for a week. Make a promise among yourselves, the big TV people and big papers that barring something rising to the level of a felony or an accident resulting in at least mayhem, you won't waste a second of air time or pica of text on that traveling circus. Leave it to the local papers and stations. There's no Pulitzer Prize just waiting to be snatched out of the air, unless she gets caught doing something so ugly nasty, that it will doom her career as a celebrity. And for now that is the only career she really has.

So back the fuck off. Ignore the attention ho.

And lastly, ya know how I am always tracking the GOP for the initiative of the moment? Seems that the race card is being played harder, particularly by Drudge. He's been spinning a narrative of a race war led by the blacks against the whites. And he's not alone in that. That shit is lining up just like I predicted; no depth of depravity is too low for these bastids.

And it all fits so nicely into Roger Ailes Nixonian era dirty tricks style of campaigning. Not an original observation by me there. If I have to credit someone for that, make it the recent Rolling Stone article about him. I haven't finished it yet, but it's widely reported.

That's enough, for now.

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