Monday, June 06, 2011

So Weiner Really Does Have Bad Judgment . . .

It might not really be adultery, but it's particularly bad as in embarrassing bad, considering he's a virtual newlywed. Go Here.

But now it makes sense. First let me go back and review what I said a few days ago.

"I think something is being held back, something potentially embarrassing."

Not that that was prescient of me. There must have been millions thinking that, at the same time I decided that was the case, last week.

So Weiner did some on line flirting and sexting and phone sex? Again, ordinary sex/relationship-life stuff. But now we know what he meant (minimally, as there could be more play pals out there) when he said he hoped his marriage would survive.

Now this does not prove that he lied about the original scandal. But it does prove he's a schmuck.

I was hoping that if there was any details of such silly sports, it would have been from before he got married, at least. Schmuck!

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