Saturday, June 04, 2011

Reason Republicans Suck, No. 3,214,874. They Think They Are Oppressed!

Note to whiny wing nuts. I will start to give a mere fuck about people "discriminating" against all ya'll as soon as you fuckers stop discriminating against Democratic politicians in the voting booth. Ya don't think that makes any sense? Then stop whining about how the entertainment industry discriminates against you. This is not a matter of bigotry. Bigotry covers only a few categories, and politics is not one of them. I have every right to dislike your enemy of the people, politically wrong asses. And you likewise re me. But this dumb fucker has a vid whining about that shit. And the other shit he talks to on the phone says they want to start a class action law suit over it? Now you might find a lawyer willing to file that, but it's not the same as a real discrimination case.

No, It's Not Bigotry nor is it the same as race based discrimination. You Whiny Shits.

I have actually have had this fight with people on that message board I used to waste too much time at. They (some of them) tried to paint me as a bigot as I really got to the point where I was just saying I hate republicans, I think they are evil and hope to live long enough to see the day when the GOP is tossed on the shit heap of history. Kaput. Ended. Ex. Done.

And that is why they tried to paint me as a bigot. And I would, did remind them. This is partisan politics. Unreasonable is built into the thing. Likewise the 'We are good, you guys suck,' part is again, built into the thing. You really can not be a good loyal member of your party if you keep finding things you like about the other party. At that point, you are an independent. And the only thing Dems and GOPers agree about is independents suck.

So ya. I have no sympathy for whiny assed GOPers in Hollywood or otherwise in the Ent. Industry who feel they are discriminated against. Sorry. Not really but that is the best you will get from me is an insincere sorry. Anyway, thing is firstly the law does not protect your politics as if it were a class like race, ethnic origin, or even religion. People are not born to a certain political party. They don't even have to ever choose one over the other. And they can change back and forth as many times as they like. Granted people can change religions too. But we do have some weird, strange affection for religion in the USA. I think it gets too much protection by society, but that's just me. Even considering that, political affiliation clearly does not belong in the same class as religion.

Problem with some of these wing nuts is they don't see it that way. Batshit crazy folk, they are!

Edit to Add.

The shit that appears in that vid only on the phone? Ben Shapiro? He's a Harvard Law grad. Summa Cum Laude. He must be the stupidest honors grad that Harvard has produced in years, if he thinks he can file and win a class action suit over this shit.

Seems the little shit was asleep in class when they were talking about protected classes of people. Republicans are not a protected class. Moron.

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