Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Palin Data Dump. So Far, No Excitement . . .

Shit. The spin her supporters have been unleashing has been more interesting as in telling, than the actual emails. They would want the world to believe this shows her as an engaged and competent governor, performing her duties.

Now I am jaded, but what I see is someone of average intellect, at best, lost in the petty details one would expect some small town mayor to have to handle. And her immaturity and obsession with self image as her favorite thing, shines brightly as a bonfire of vanity.

It really does not seem to portray a serious governor seriously at work. But again, that's the point. Now one does not have to be a true multi disciplinary policy wonk to be a gifted governor. But this shit is so far from that it is funny that some people still think this is evidence of anything beyond the Peter Principle explained through real world example.

And the oil and gas shit? She's no 1/2 wonk on that shit either. That was already known, however. She grasped the issues there about well enough to have an idea what she hoped to do, and how to exploit all that for her career. Instead of the bridge to nowhere, we should have been talking about the invisible pipeline to nowhere.

For some reason I have that line from Sunset Strip in my head, about how the pictures got small. But in Palin's case, she the small thing.

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