Thursday, June 30, 2011

One More, But I Really Need to Get Out of Here. Soon! This Wing Nut Motherfucker.

Ya, I pulled out the big daddy of insults. I only got less than 1/2 way through his motherfucking bullshit as I have fought wing nut motherfuckers on this shit many times before. I can only put up with so much of it before I start shouting motherfucker. As you can tell. So . . .

His name is David Cohen. I don't encourage anyone waste their time on it, but it is here, where the wing nut (unoriginally) re hashes the tired old saw where politics and religion are put in the same category.

Fucking tiresome. Usually the way I have see it argued (when it was directly argued to me on account of my total disdain for conservatism) was to have people accuse me of being a bigot, on account of my total disdain for conservatism. Under those circumstances I would point out that there are clear definitions for bigot and bigotry, and politics is outside of them. Politics does not have to be so viciously partisan that people hate each other on sight, like members of the Montaque and Capulet households. But irrationality is a given with politics, and the sense of superiority is really built into the thing.

My team rawks, your team sux.

That's politics, in a nuthsell.

And later he employs one of the variants (and I have had this shit thrown on me too,) and that is the,"They hate MORE people who are conservative and . . ." fill in the blank.

Now I will pretend to speak directly to the motherfucker.

Listen up, motherfucker. I have such contempt for conservatives that I do not give a fuck what sub group of conservatives they are.

To re write and spin it on it's head, the quote from that movie "Jerry McGuire," "You LOST ME at I'm a conservative."

That's why I stopped reading the piece. Granted the whole Herman Cain x Jon Stewart shit has that high up on the wing nut batshit crazy attacks list. But honestly. Wingnuts. I think all ya'll are fucked up just because of your politics. I have seen motherfucking wing nuts argue that blacks would vote GOP in significant numbers merely because there were black GOP candidates, and/or the same for women, or Latino candidates. Not only is that cynical thinking, it's patently racist, and/or sexist, and offensive thinking.

However, to accuse someone of being particularly dismissive of a conservative because they are conservative plus? That's at least as cynical. It's not exactly racist or sexist in of itself. But it's a particularly evil way to play the race or sex card. And those motherfuckers do it, shamelessly. The 2012 election is more than a year away. And those motherfuckers are going to get more shameless and evil. That's part of why I can call them out using the big daddy insult. But I usually hold back. As I sorta said, it's going to get worse. I have to reserve that word. Use it sparingly. Let's not devalue it, quite too soon.

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