Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not That I Watched That (not even) Clown Act

So the GOP stooges had a debate, and shock and horror. Mitt Romney is the only sane adult in the bunch. Ya, he's still at heart a bullshit GOPer, and an accomplished liar. But he's leaps and bounds ahead of the pack in looking and sounding like a sane adult.

That's maybe not saying much, but the GOP money will likely line up behind him, if the trending continues.

Other than that. Sigh. Bachmann announced that she has filed papers to officially run for the nomination. What the ever loving fuck is anyone doing on that stage who hasn't done that already? I mean if the debate is for people running for the nomination, should not those who have not fully announced be excluded? You ain't got a ticket, you don't get in the show. All that?

Pawlenty (calling him t-paw still grates on me, and always will) had the chance to compete with Romney on the adult level. I guess he isn't one. Herman Cain is an embarrassment to all black folk, still. In the words of one of my favorite bloggers, The Field Negro,"The Jigging Must Stop!" But lately I have taken to calling Cain a minstrel. I'll own that.

Ron Paul is still insane, and oddly makes more sense than the rest of those clowns. And Newt is still insane and doesn't dare make sense again, as the last time he said something sensible the GOPers hoss whipped him.

Santorum needs to be institutionalized. For his own good. Not merely insane in the loose meaning of the word, but there's got to be a proper differential diagnosis for the diseases and dysfunctions going on in his little head.

Did I miss anyone?

Like I said, it's not as if I watched the shit myself. I'm just summarizing and what not the press clippings.

Please, God please. Just eliminate the GOP now, please? Make the party die. Make all the members become moderates. Make them no longer susceptible to that ideological, anti human, bullshit, evil nonsense.


Oh and before I go, the meme of the week is how GOP women are (often) Mean Girls. Yes, there is ingrained sociopathy going on there. I mean what the fuck else could explain Mrs. Palin's popularity? I likely posted already how the the one writer called her a troll. Something I read yesterday made the comparison to that movie "Heathers," that preceded the movie "Mean Girls" by at least a decade. It's a darker view of popular girls. And the Lead Heather was really awful. Popular, but not really loved. Feared. Ya.

Sociopathy at work, there.

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