Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Not Exactly Quickies. Weinergate, and Palin + Revere Apologists, and There's No Crying in Baseball.

Worst part of the Weinergate scandal at this point, beyond the fact his schumckyness has now made him a limp advocate for the party (yea, I went there,) is not that I feel 'played.' I gave him every benefit of the doubt and now there's no doubt. Paraphrasing what some Frenchman said about the Clinton Monica thing? All the blame and shame but with out having real sex? What was the point? Anyway, yes now we know more about yet another politician's silly pseudo, in this case, sex life. But that leads to the answer. The sight of Breitbart taking his victory lap was truly sickening. Mr. Weiner. I'm sad you lied. I'm mad you gave that career ratfucker even a pyrric victory.

And about his "Vindication?" As what? As a scumbag? I want to say I have never seen a scumbag so self-pleased for doing no more than being a scumbag since Larry Flint won his case at the Supreme Court. But that would be too much of an insult to Larry Flint.

Anyway, Weiner's got worries, still. The House Ethics investigation means this shit is not going to go away any time soon. And given timing, election season will be here again before you know it. And that leads to the other bit. I heard today on my local NPR station that NY is losing two congressional seats. And no one in Congress (so I heard) seems to be in Weiner's corner. So his current district could get lost, be eliminated, go poof like a puff of smoke. Well He can still run for Mayor. Horn Dog (real or virtual) status should not hurt. But it's the liar part that needs to be managed.

Moving on to the Palin + Revere apologists (and Ann Althouse is in the club house, drinking that Kool Aid as well,) Geeze Louise people! Saying Paul Revere warned the Brits is like saying Kahlid Sheik Mohammed became a cooperative informant . . . after he was water boarded.

Did any of these people think to read Revere's own account? Before we go there, let's cover the basics. His mission clearly was not to communicate with the British. His mission included the directive, avoid the British. Avoid capture. And aww shucks, he got captured. And the Brit officer pulled a gun on him and threatened to shoot him in the face.

What sort of fucked up mind can take that, said that way, or even in Revere's own words, and take away from that as a factoid that Revere "warned" the British? If he was able to stick to the plan and avoid contact with or capture by the British, his mission would have been a complete success. Fact he got captured and said anything at all is perversely celebrating the failure aspect of his mission. And that is very fucked up thinking. Oh. And need I say the account of what he said to the Brits in his own word, and the disturbed Christmas tree lights knotted-ball of confusion ejaculated by Skulls Palin, Cyborg Decoy Unit are worlds apart?

Oh. And she called the question, a day or more later, a gotcha question. Now I did see the vid from "Morning Joe" where they ridiculed her for her, as one panelist said, thinking/saying any question she did not handle well was her definition for what is a gotcha question. That's the tame joke. Reality is any question that makes her have to think on her feet, make that think at all, is for her, a gotcha question. She really is that weak a thinker, I am sure.

Last thoughts before I head for the exit. The meme that she has been treated unfairly, such as Ms. Althouse suggested, and that craptastic documentary allegedly whines and drones on and on about? I call bullshit.

Let me explain my metaphor. It's fairly common to refer to the grid and being on the grid. I take it further and a little geekier, as in the Tron movies they specifically talk about the Game Grid. And when I say Game Grid I mean that virtual space where politics, and entertainment and media over lap. And if one chooses to try to make a living on the Game Grid, they should know that it can and will get rough there time to time. No one has to like you on the Game Grid. And one way or another one is dealing with competitors, if not rivals, on that grid.

Remember that line from the movie, A League of Their Own, that says,"There's no crying in baseball?" Well there is not a hard and fast rule that says there's no crying on the Game Grid. But if you are one to cry over a little metaphoric body contact, you don't belong on the Grid.

Confession. I never was a full on jock kid. But I played street hockey. I joke and say it was an excuse for pubescent boys to hit each other with sticks. It was a little more than that. But I loved me some, giving some hits.

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