Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More on Stewart vs. the Fox Fux.

Ok. So I have now watched Jon Stewart's reply to Fox's cynical attack on the Herman Cain angle. Again, since they have up on their web site, Bernie Goldberg's 'Let's just lie about it,' essay, the nerve of the attack on this line is so obscene, I am having trouble describing it beyond cynical and obscene.

Anyway. The link I am providing below is to Mediaite. One of the Editors there is a hairy flaming wingnut. Really badly so. And keeping in mind that, she sets up the clip with her own wingnut commentary. But even if she's a wingnut, I kinda don't get it. That's to say I don't get her effort. I am linking her page instead of embedding the clip because I want to show her silly, smarmy comments, too.

As far as the Fox Fux go, I have already described what I think of as the essential and obvious jealousy the On Air "talent" over at Fox has for Stewart. I did that a few days ago, talking about Chris Wallace's twisted attempts to put Stewart on the same vocational grid as where Wallace works. And as Stewart himself says in the clip you will find on the linked page, below, he gets to use the dildo wheel in his show, and the Fox peeps would get fired for that. So there's that whole thing.

But I guess the other part, and this is were some random wingnut might come in, is that even if Stewart really is not an advocate for a political party or ideology, he's a paragon of East Coast Urban Liberal Elites. It's not so much about what he does on TV to help the Democrats. And it is partially on account of how good he is at skewering the GOPers. They really hate that. But beyond that, there's some symbolic value they place on Jon Stewart. And that's why they (not just Fox, but the minions like Martel) feel driven to attack.

And Jon Stewart loves it. Cause he knows what I know.
Don't Fight the Clown.
The clown will always win.

(I'm talking about professional clowns here. People who make their living acting funny.)

Edit to Add. Rev. Al's view of the matter:

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