Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Intellectually Dishonest Shit from Some Wingnut Law Professor.

Dude. It's one thing to cling to your ideology and dogma and biases as tightly as your guns and your bible. Shit, it's one thing to do so to your ideology about guns. It's another thing to go all passive aggressive Mean Girl Troll about it.

Geeze fucking Louise.

Professor Wingnut still can't just come out and say something like a direct insult to someone who dares hold a different opinion than him. He has to go all chicken shit and insult the idea and not the person. I know that is how it's done when one is writing the dissent for a SCOTUS decision. But this is the real world, fool. See how I did that? I just went right ahead and called him a fool. No fucking around with shit from me. I will call a fool a fool and not give a shit about it.

Now for his stupid shit post.

"A very bizarre attack on federal gun laws (actually the Second Amendment) and Sarah Palin by Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy speaking at Reverend Michael Pleger’s church."

So says Professor Wingnut. So I am once again in the position of having to say . . . do I really think this fool is that stupid? Of course not. But he's a wingnut. And he really has a low opinion of anyone who dares have a different opinion than he does, but he never seems to be able to just spit it out. He does it the pussy way. Calls the attack very bizarre. Fuck me. Calling that . . . argument very bizarre is the only bizarre thing going on here. Again, Professor. Just go ahead and share your real feelings with us. Trust me. I hold you in contempt already. So just let loose will ya?

Anyway here is the break down of the issue and why the professor's remark is bizarre if anything here.

In the vid the professor is posting about acting Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy makes the argument that racism is part of the reason that guns are flooding urban areas and killing black and brown youth. Actually he was talking about the Federal laws that allow for that. Now it's one thing to disagree with him. Fair enough. But to call that very bizarre is itself bizarre mainly because that's not a new argument. I think I have been hearing similar things since the shit hit the fan in America with the drug trade, back in the 1970s.

Let me catalogue it. Over the years I have heard arguments that the illegal drug trade is a product of racism. Likewise the anti drug laws are said by some to be racist. And that leads (as some have argued) to the argument that our current "Prison Planet" penal system is also racist. And the flood of guns, which is tied in with the otherwise racist drug related shit, would have to be racist too, according to that logic.

And that case has been argued for years and years. Disagree with it if you must, but as far as sociopolitical theories goes, that one has some grey hair by now, professor.

Oh. And I remembered this lawsuit from a few years back. The NAACP basically made the same argument about guns and racism there.

And there is another reason that calling McCarthy's statement bizarre is itself bizarre. Not to a man or woman, but many many many cops are all for more gun control. That might be on account of incidents like McCarthy mentions in that vid. And yes, part of that is on account of the fact lots of those guns are pointed at and shot at cops. Cops don't like that shit, professor. It's bizarre not to see that as normal, even of one doesn't favor gun control.

Oh. One more shot (pun intended) at Professor Wingnut. He's something of a Sarah Palin Fanboy. Now as embarrassing as his recidivist, wingnut, illogical if not fallacious aguments get sometimes, the fanboy shit is really juvenile. So McCarthy was not happy seeing your little sweet cheeks Saint Sarah on TV screeching in her chipmunk on crystal meth voice about the beauty of 2nd Amendment Rights, after yet another day on the job seeing kids shot up if not shot to death. I for one have no problem getting where he's coming from. But anyone who speaks ill of Saint Sarah will have to face your loyal fanboy wrath?

It's kinda sick, and a little creepy, this Palin fanboy shit. I mean really!

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