Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More About The Stepford Wife.

"Bachmann! Bachmann! Bachmann!"

(You need to imagine Mrs. Palin dressed up like Jan Brady, famously fuming at how her sister got the spotlight, or what ever, to get the joke.)

Ok. Keeping track of the not news taken (given?) for Bachmann news, first there was her not seeming to accept Chris Wallace's apology. Then there was her accepting it. Then there was Chris Matthews saying that hurt her feelings, the flake remark (I agree and will get back to the point.) Then there was the confusion of which John Wayne lived in Waterloo Iowa. She confused the famous actor with the infamous serial killer. Smooth move. Granted, she admitted the mistake. But I think the die might be cast already.

For the second day in a row, when the news cycle is so barren for news that every stupid thing she says or does is instantly considered news, she's in front of a TV camera defending her seriousness. Not a good pattern. If that continues, I think her campaign might not end with a bang, but with a whimper.

Back to "Hurt her feelings." I saw the vid. I saw the flinch that is evidence of the negative reaction to that word. Ya. She did not like that. And I am going to make a point that some might accuse me of being sexist for saying. So I will plead my anticipatory defense up front. I think John Boehner is too emotionally vulnerable to be trusted with the nuke code Football as well. So there! But can we really say a person so emotionally vulnerable that they visibly flinch when they are confronted by a term that they should well know their critics have been saying about her for years and years, is fit to be POTUS? I mean really.

She can't be that cocooned. She's only a congress critter. And not a long timer with real power in her party caucus, even. Her small staff can't keep her that isolated from the truly disparaging remarks her words and beliefs have generated. So why that huge level of shock? Did she expect nothing but ass kissing from Fox News? Even so, and even if she quickly booted up the boilerplate bio file and spat that out . . . a fair cover, but not really the home run a good ad libber could have pulled. It wasn't presidential. It was just an average political sidestep.

And I can't be the only person thinking that. And as one reporter/blogger I read today basically suggested. She's now the entertainment for the political media machine. I can not guarantee how bad the shit storm's going to be, but she is ripe for the full media scrutiny. It's not so much that I think she can't survive the scrutiny. But as I predicted already, her ad libs are not good. She's got that whole regurgitate thing down, but people are going to be playing the gotcha game now. A lot of people. Every time she steps out in public there will be people there hoping to get that next gaff recorded and published. That's the part she should not be able to survive; her own weaknesses.

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