Monday, June 27, 2011

More about Chris Wallace's "Palinization" of Bachmann.

Again, Professor Wingnut is not the point. He's just a convenient stand in for similarly minded wing nuts. And one of the things wing nuts decry is the way the media treated and still treats Mrs. Palin. He uses the term Palinization. I guess that's the new form of getting Borked. Anyway, here are the main reasons the media ripped on her so harshly.

1. She came out of virtually nowhere. And that leads to a presumption that

2. She did not deserve to be picked as VP nominee.

3. She's a snowbilly.

4. She talks very funny. Worse than a thick Southern Accent funny. She talks crazy person funny.

5. She is a gaff machine like none other that has been on the national scene in any living person's memory.

6. Despite having been a governor, her resume was thin.

7. Because she came out of nowhere, everything about her was dug up pretty fast and made public for the first time within a short period of time.

8. Her family is a disaster/real life soap opera/was a reality TV show before they were getting paid to be on TV.

And Lastly.

9. Even if she might not really be as stupid as some of us like to say, she obviously can not think on her feet and respond well to unexpected questions. So she comes across as profoundly stupid.

And she's got that freaky religion, and her anti elitism not only is a slap in the face to the media (ya, that's smart. Antagonize the press like that,) but it makes her the worst of snobs. It makes her a redneck snob.

Wingnuts will deny most if not all of this. But all that shit is her shit. She makes it very easy for the media to treat her more like a freak show than a serious player.

Back to Bachmann, Wallace, and Professor Wingnut. I sort of remember that he had the update on his post last night that Wallace,"has issued a video statement acknowledging that it was a mistake to have used the term “a flake.”" And the Professor then says Wallace is a class act. Excuse me?

The Professor originally laid out the case that Bachmann was being Palinized, and then calls Wallace a class act for merely taking it back? Like I said last night, The Professor is pretty stupid if he does not understand that that was no accident. Wallace likely pre planned that question, as a bit of deliberate theatre. He had his own reason for taking the shot, never mind that the other well known Tea Party Queen is still an employee of Fox News. He got the effect he wanted. He gets to say, hey. I can punch at the republicans too. And he gets to apologize for it, after being pressured. It's still a win for him. Not classy, that. It's cunning, though.

Wallace is likely the smartest person on the payroll there who's "on air" talent. I suspect he's not only gaming the system generally, but he's gaming his bosses.

No wonder he's spent so much time trying to equalize himself and Jon Stewart. He keeps forgetting that if his act is really that, an act, it's still supposed to be a secret. He's in showbiz in his own mind. And he's playing the part of wing nut journalist. But he's still being graded under and classified as a journalist, not a performer. Ok. That's my take on it.

And a couple things before I find the door. Wing nuts like the professor just don't get it. They don't get it, that not only is politics a big game, but Fox News, for all they like to be the right wing partisan network, basically holds their audience in low level contempt. They try to game the game as well as they can, and that means they game the audience on a regular basis. And make a shit load of money that way. Just look at that all knowing smirk on Chris Wallace's face for the tell.

Oh. And one other note. And this might be how Bachmann falls off the wall like Humpty Dumpty. Even better than Palin, Bachmann can work well enough with prepared remarks (as long as she doesn't have any of that stupid shit in her pre prepared remarks.) But as well I suspect she will fail the improv test. Back in the days when she was saying all sorts of stupid assed shit, if not totally bullshit and lies, she likely was speaking off the cuff.

But she's been well rehearsed lately. We got to get her on the fly and try to make her think on her feet. If she's been well enough coached, she might not take the bait though. We need to give the shiny thing something she can't resist as a shiny thing, lure. Then we will see the real crazy person. She's not buried that deeply. More so in the interview she did with Bob Schieffer than Wallace, she started to let her freak fly, when she started talking about her religion. She held back some, but just like Mrs. Palin she's done some testifying before the congregation. And when she lets her freak fly its almost as freaky as Palin's tape was. If I find it again, I should post it.

Edit to add:

Letting Her Freak Fly. Kooky Shit.

And I finally watched the Chris Wallace apology. He was very easy on her. But I guess he did not know that the answer to the flake question that he described as "good" was her campaign, boilerplate bio bit. She said the same shit on Bob Schieffer's show. Same.

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