Monday, June 20, 2011

Montag Quickies

Depending on who you listen to, either Michelle Bachmann isn't insane anymore. Or she's never been insane. Or the Media now see they were wrong about her. Or they are building her up just to tear her down. And or they are doing the "Ohh . . . shiny thing," thing, because Skulls Palin, Cyborg, Arctic Decoy Unit is laying low until the next leg of her bus tour.

I'm voting for the last two. I heard/read the second to last one on Huffpo. Last one came to me as I was typing.

More racist shit is coming from the GOP. They had some extreme wing nut conference this past week. Some idiot booked an Obama impersonator. He cracked some really tasteless racially based jokes about POTUS and FLOTUS. The audience loved that. Then he cracked a joke about Tim Pawlenty. The audience did not like that (BLASPHEMER!) So they used the old Vaudeville Hook on him for that (metaphorically.)

Turns out that Tommy Christopher of Mediaite stopped just short of making a full and proper mea culpa for the Weiner and the underage "Betty and Veronica" twitterers story. Turns out he got punked good on that one. They were fugazies. Fakes. Yes, some people were really, as in actually deliberately trying to ratfuck Weiner. But yes, I stand by my last post regarding him. The silly man made it way too easy. Mere fact he might actually have been target of a conspiracy to discredit him does not take away the poor judgment he displayed before and after the shit hit the fan.

As far as what's happening in the world right now? Other than the memoriam? Eh. Something will come later.

Now on to the memoriam. RIP Clarence "Big Man" Clemons. I never got to see him or the whole of the E Street Band playing. And for years and years I have been saying I need to take a trek down to his restaurant/club. Not sure it's still there, actually. Anyway, I at least got the chance to see him up close the one time, and "Big Man" was a fitting name. He looked big to me and I'm 6'2".

Now I really don't believe in Heaven, but I like to employ the Music Heaven conceit. So I will say, Sorry to see you go Clarence, but at least my uncle Billy gets to trade Tenor riffs with you, there in that great club in the sky.


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