Sunday, June 05, 2011

Massive Amount of Gratuitous Cussing to Follow. You Have Been Warned. How Fucking Stupid Must You be to be More Fucking Stupid than Mrs. Palin?

Way the fuck, fucking stupid, if you are willing to at all or ever defend the feebe.

Fucking Feeble Daily Caller Carries Water for Fucking Feebe Palin.

Never mind the fucking up of the account of Paul Revere's ride. That is just her usual witless-ness.

But what about the newest version of the answer to what was her tour promoting?

"What am I publicizing on tour? I’m publicizing Americana and our foundation and how important . . . ."

You stupid cyborg, Skulls Palin! Americana and American history are fucking not the fucking same, you fucking feebe. (Warned ya'll I was going to be gratuitous with the cussing.)

Definition of Americana:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For other uses, see Americana (disambiguation).

A baseball bat, apple pie and an American flag, a common representation of Americana

Americana refers to artifacts, or a collection of artifacts, related to the history, geography, folklore and cultural heritage of the United States.[1][2] Many kinds of material fall within the definition of Americana: paintings, prints and drawings; license plates or entire vehicles, household objects, tools and weapons; flags, plaques and statues, and so on.

Wiki - Americana.

How typical of Mrs. Palin. In trying to defend her latest public act of moronic stupidity, she proves she is more stupid than the previous gaff displayed.

What a fucking feebe.

And her defenders? Twice as feeble.

Oh. And my hopefully last remark about the fuck up about Paul Revere's mission/place in history.

Now is he known for saying,"The British are coming," to the colonials, or is he known for saying to the British,"The Americans are coming?"

Fuck a diseased duck!

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