Thursday, June 16, 2011

Let's Pick On A Different Law Professor for a Change.

Don't remember his name. Don't care. Anyway this guy is a conservative, and we all know there is no excuse at all for that kinda shit! None!

Anyway, I guess he's popular in that strange clique of right wing law professors.

Now the reason I am bothering with this for a post is I am ignoring Weiner's resignation. For now. But seriously. He posted some weird own back-slapping post about how he predicted the result in the WI Union Busting case.

Ok. Well kudos to you. (That's meant as sarcasm.) Given the politics of the situation, and that lots if not most people would have bet that outcome, doing the Smurf dance over that one is sorta disproportionate to the alleged victory.

Anyway here's the sick little follow up. Here.

I call it sick because after the first self back-slap, he got a comment from some visitor tsk tsking him for "spiking the football," and in doing so, not coming across as dignified as one might expect from a law professor. His reply to that was adding the stupid little dancing cartoon critter vid. In of itself, that's not really sick. But getting all excited over that guess (since it really was a low hanging fruit kind of thing, really) is as excessive a thing as an elaborate End Zone dance by a pro football running back who plowed through a line of Pop Warner kids, to make the score. Shit. I am pretty sure I have seen such a thing (by analogy) in some comedy movies. Or episodes of The Simsons. Likely both.

Now if he had picked the trifecta for all three legs of the Triple Crown? Ya. That would be impressive. Shit. Even picking the trifecta for one of the legs would generate genuine kudos. But this shit? Let me try another analogy. It's like stealing candy from a baby and then declaring oneself to be a criminal mastermind.

It's sorta pathetic, actually. Even if meant as funny. Still sorta pathetic.

But hey. I did say he was a conservative. I am not going to say all of them are like that. But most seem to have complicated alternative realities. Seems.

And YES. I have seen that Weiner is out. I am sorta sad to see him go, mostly because he was so effective at sticking it to the GOP pig-dogs. And of course, that's why he was targeted by the pig-dogs. And since he did not really make any friends there in Congress, seems he had to stand alone. Guess that's a harsh reality to have to own up to. So now that this thing (seems to be) is over, I will admit this much.

I over played the "they are ratfucking him" line, early on. Little did I know then, that he had made it so easy for them to get him (a Clinton sized ego for a lesser man, seems.) It was as if he placed the "Kick Me," sign on his own back, for crying out loud. He made a series of mistakes that rate up there with Gary Hart!

But I am particularly saddened that the GOP pig-dogs get a congressional scalp, not for official misconduct, but for what is essentially the non-crime of being a hetero male with a pulse, a twitter account, and a fancy phone, and the bad judgment that often goes with that territory. Ya he lied. But most people are dishonest (or at least not exactly forthcoming) about their sex lives and drives at some time, if not most of the time. That's part of being human. I wanted to forgive him. But he was hurting the party. So good luck in your future endeavors, Mr. Weiner. And like they say at the bar at closing time, you don't have to go home, but ya can't stay here.

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