Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's Pick On Another Wingnut Fool - Blogger.

But before we get there, I have noticed myself that this thing I've been doing is something more of a alternate form for my blogging. Instead of jumping right in with the issue of the moment, I'm taking on commenters from the other team. And just like comedians tend to tell more jokes about GOPers as there are more of them saying stupid shit, I am doing the same with GOP bloggers. And no, I am not trying for blog war. So much. I am trying to work on my aggressiveness. That's way the blog is a good tool for me. For me, as I am a tiny pimple on the huge ass end of the Internet. Blogging for me is about expressing myself and voicing my opinions.

I did message boards for years and years. I know all about performing for an audience. And I don't need that shit as much as I need to say what I want to say at any given point it time.

Ok. On to this fool.

To summarize, firstly he's a known item on the wing nut blogosphere. Not one of the big boys but a contender, based on his cross linking to some better known blogging wing nuts with more juice. Anyway, this post is particularly bizarre for his . . . how do I say it? For his asymmetrical, fruity bonkers over reaction to the other blogger he demonizes. Well he says she's evil, and the bangs on her forehead are likely hiding the mark of the beast. Demonizing. Literally in text.

Demonizing her for what?

Ok. Some crazy man in New Hampshire set himself on fire (om the courthouse steps, some such) to protest his ex wife and the system he thought screwed him. The other blogger, a better know one, Amanda Marcotte (she's appeared several times on blogging heads. Is well known in them circles,) published a tweet that was not at all sympathetic to him. And that is why the wing nut has cast her as evil.

Ya. Because being unsympathetic to someone who instead of choosing a nice quiet (even if messy) suicide did it on the county courthouse's steps, wasn't trying to fuck with people on his way out, one last time.

Now I can be sympathetic to even such manipulative and vindictive and vengeance driven suicides, in so far as I have no idea what sorts of snakes and lizards and tiny elves with hand and power tools have been busy at work in his mind, tearing shit up and making him or her more . . . what's the word? Crazy. But I can also recognize the fuck you gesture in the way they choose to go out.

Suicides are choosing how they go out. That's a built in part of the whole suicide thing. Unless someone is so psychotic or otherwise chemically disabled that what they do is not really the product of choice, they are making a choice in how they go, and or how they are found. Sleeping pills and a bottle of Vodka says, "I wanted to go quietly and some what happily." Shot gun barrel in your mouth, pull the trigger says, "Fuck you." Burning self on the county courthouse steps says, "Fuck all ya'll."

So Amanda Marcotte called this guy out for his clearly intended and delivered message, "Fuck all ya'll." And that makes her evil according to this guy. That fucker needs to look into a mirror if he needs to be calibrated to what evil looks like. It's not the cute lady with the bangs. It's his own wingnut delusional, reality avoiding ass that is evil.

Ok. I exaggerate. But still? Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. This is as fucked up thinking as employed by that wingnut law professor. But as opposed to the law professor, who chooses the passive aggressive Mean Girl Troll approach, this fucker is as least straight up with the insults. As that is all that is really going on there. We have a well known liberal blogger saying something that for all intents and purposes is objectively rational, and the sort of thing many people say under these circumstances, and is considered to be a normal opinion in that context.

And the nasty fucker goes into extreme insult mode. Seems to me he just was looking for an excuse to do it. And even if her statement doesn't even come close to the time zone for that, never mind the ballpark, he choose to pounce.

Says a lot about his soul, or lack thereof.

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