Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jon Stewart En Fuego!!

Granted, I saw (heard) the slight exaggeration in Jon Stewart's slam about how stew-pid Fox News viewers are. His mistake was not one of deliberately lying. He failed to act like a lawyer, or politician, or PR flak, and cover his ass by saying MOST instead of ALL. No big deal. But the peeps over at Politifact fact checked him (must be a slow week if they are fact checking comedians.) Nevertheless, he acknowledged the error. And then he used Politifact's own data to show how many deliberate lies Fox News has told, and never apologized for.

Oh. Here is an example of what I was talking about. I said,"How many lies." Actually, it was only a small fraction of the total lies. There just have been so many that it's hard to imagine it's just the tip of the iceberg. Shit. There I go again. For some people it must be hard to imagine. For peeps like me, not hard. Not at all.

Anyway, enjoy. This is a brilliant example of what I was talking about yesterday about how comedians can cross the line from Entertainment to commentary willy-nilly and with out damage to their reps. Then again, that's always (well for a long time at least) been included within the job description of comedian. Just don't waste your time trying to convince some shit head Fox new "journalist" of that age old truth.

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