Thursday, June 02, 2011

I've Never Spent This Much Time Thinking About Another Man's Junk.

Not that that is the part I have been thinking about. But ya know? That song, "Dick in a Box," has been stuck in my head for the past few days. Just saying.

But seriously, I think (hope) he did not do it and lie about it. Again, I really can't imagine him being so reckless in even posting such a pic to an on line hosting account and therefore, an array of redundant servers, that could be directly traced back to him. Never mind the sending a link to anyone else, part. And he has denied being the "sender." I will try to keep on taking him at his word for that part.

But his dissembling? I think there's something there that he knows and is holding back, that although does not change the core question, that is if he did not do it and has not been lying about it, such truth is something else potentially scandalous.

I am not going to speculate about the nature of that possible scandal. But I think something is being held back, something potentially embarrassing. I posted the short version of my theory yesterday afternoon on my fb page. I did not fill in the blank there. I will not here. I will just say . . . waiting for the smoke to clear, here.


Good theory. Question is not only is this basically all that went down, and or whether or not the "hacker/prankster" has more and/or "more naughty" pix? But one of the writers at Mediaite speculates whether this was done by a former "associate" of the Rep?

I had been thinking along the similar lines, since yesterday. But I still wonder if that is all there is? Is there more to the story, or is it more of a matter that there's some kind of Mexican Standoff between the Rep. and his prankster? Or does the story get more salacious?

Seems to me my rat fuck theory is holding up. But this might not be a political rat fuck. It might be personal. He did recently get married? Is there some disgruntled ex out there?

Hey! It could be both personal and political. For all we know!

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