Friday, June 24, 2011

It's as if Them Wing Nuts Live in a Bizzaro Universe.

Back to trashing that wing nut law professor. He's a Class A Wing Nut. And by Class A, I mean he's light years beyond merely having an ordinary partisan political biased point of view (I resemble that myself.) He seems to not only deny the existence of other points of view, except in showing contempt for such. But to make matters even worse, he does that particularly despicable (if you love language and communicating in an adult world of ideas) shit lots of wing nuts do. And that is either play the redefinition game, or otherwise ignore the plain meanings of words, if not established, objective reality on the very planet.

And since there's a feature here of a silly-assed stupid shit headline, let me make a more accurate one for his post on his blog.

"Liberal Writer Writes 'Personal Account.' Wing Nut Asshole Accuses Her of Being Entirely Self Absorbed."

Go here for the post. Wing Nut Idiots Don't Get the Meaning of "Personal Account."

I read the whole account. And as far as accounts go, it not only is clearly meant to be a personal account of a person's personal experience, as opposed to a white paper on The Lingering Effects on the Intifada, Under a Croatian Christian Nationalist Perspective. Or some other such academic shit. I found her account to be a very interesting read. She tells an interesting story, I am saying. And even if I have a better than average span of attention, I bore quite easily. When shit is boring. Or badly written. Or god forbid, both.

Now do I think he really doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase "Personal Account?" No. But I know a lame, passive aggressive insult when I see one.

What I see here (there) is this. This asshole doesn't agree with her politics, and her change from being a knee jerk Zionist to someone no longer a knee jerk Zionist. So he launches a weak-assed insult at her. Now remember kids. This is the juvenile who did a victory dance (well, used a cartoon character in simulation) for what was basically the obvious guess about the result of the Wisconsin court case about the procedural challenge to the Kill Collective Bargaining law. Maturity ain't his strong suit, apparently.

And ironically this stupid (acting as I know he isn't really a stupid person. I'm just taking delight in insulting him) asshole goes off on a mini tangent about the writer's use of that hallowed, revered, Eff Bomb to Top Them All, Motherfucker. This, after his weak-assed passive aggressive insult, shit.

Now I am really not at all inhibited in using the work fuck. I like it. It conveys a lot of emotion in just four little letters. Motherfucker is fuck on crack. I don't use it much, but I respect it's power. I respect it's authority as the Big Daddy of insults. And that is what I am really talking about here. Being honest in being insulting.

Not to say I never get creative about it. Sometimes I will go to Babelfish and translate insults into French because, as that character in the Matrix movie says,"I love cursing in French. It's like wiping your ass with silk."

But still, that passive aggressive shit is so trollish. Remember those posts I made a week or so back about how Mrs. Palin (and many wing nut women) is a passive aggressive troll and a Mean Girl? Ya. This is exactly the kind of trollish mean girl shit I was talking about.

Now I can't make anyone stop acting like a Mean Girl, passive aggressive troll. But I can point out the fact that that is some motherfucking weak shit.

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