Monday, June 27, 2011

Is It Just Me, Or Is This

An inexplicably bad picture?

It evokes that really bad night she had when she was looking at the wrong camera. So it's bad for the history of that gaffe. But otherwise, she's looking off in the distance with some sort of goofy if not sort of crazy look. (Click on it to see full size.)

And I pulled that from a website run by her camp.


Well her neck looks good. And her smile and teeth look good. But the thing with the eyes is likely to creep some people out.

Oh. And I saw this somewhere else, so I can't claim to have thought it myself, but the remark was that Bachmann was a Stepford Wife.

If that gets stuck to her it could cost her a lot of the respect she's been getting as of late. And this picture definitely evokes that whole Stepford Wife image. She doesn't look very warm and fuzzy there. That might be the one thing visually that Palin has over her. No matter how much work she has had done on her face (that's why I have been calling her a cyborg) Palin is rocking that whole "Hot Mess," thing. Fact she doesn't do it for me does not change the fact that lots of folk are fans.

Oh. I checked her camp's main webpage. They are finally getting it together. They are using a smaller version of that pic for the masthead (for lack off a better word.) Oy vey!

Edit to Add:

The story about the flake remark is itself still news, even (and I suspect as intended) today that she's double triple officially announced her candidacy.


I urge all to follow the link and watch the vid clip. It seems her handler was more annoyed by the question than she was. But she really did not want to be dealing with the flake flap on her coming out day. That rather detracts from the looking serious part if one still has to defend that point. I loved the last part the reporter says about "Palin who?"

Oh. And one last thought. The teleprompter jokes again? I mean really! Come on. And remember what I said in a previous post about her ad libbing? Gaffs abound when people go off script. Teleprompters keep folk on script, dear. And that titanium spine bit? Minorly goofy. Not awful, but her penchant for visual show and tell might bite her in the ass, before long. That might endear her to her base, but it looks goofy. And people who still need to defend their seriousness can't well afford the goofy shit.

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