Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Meant to Post About this Last Night. Good Thing I Waited. Jon Stewart's Doubler Take Down of Fox.

By now the news is being spread throughout the land, and across the Internet, that Jon Stewart took down Fox New's Chris Wallace in spectacular form, this past Sunday. The killer moment was when he got Wallace to admit that Fox is,"Presenting the other side," as opposed to, as I would say it, trying their best to present the most objective and professional news reporting, that they can.

Here's Stewart's own post interview recap. He doubles down on the mastery of the event here.

Various orgs are likewise touting the original interview as a serious win for Stewart. I'm mainly just saying what lots of folk are saying here. But for the following.

I have had this argument with wing nuts on message boards. Yes, they are so intellectually dishonest that they can, within the same argument, say Fox is "Fair and Balanced," and say they present the other side. To a deranged, unhinged wing nut, there's no contradiction. I can see (hear) Wallace did the same intellectually dishonest thing during the course of that interview that the morons do on the message boards. Thing is, I give Wallace the benefit of the doubt that he knows that is in fact a bullshit argument. He knows the game he is playing, and in order to remind himself why he should not care, all he has to do is look at any slip of paper or digital display that shows what he gets paid.

That not something to be proud of, on a matter of personal ethics. But hey. It's just show biz, right?

The preceding line was meant more as sarcasm, but it dovetails into the last point or points. If I had posted what I was thinking about yesterday, I would have asked the rhetorical question, "Why does Fox seem so hell bent on denying Stewart's profession and status as a comedian, and try to put him on the same level of a journalist?"

Well the answer came to me earlier today. They are jealous. Given how many people trust Stewart's comedy as a source of news over Fox, he's a source of jealousy for them. And the other part of it is since Stewart's clearly rooted on the Entertainment side of broadcasting, as opposed to News, he is free to cross over into current events and commentary without the least bit of loss of professionalism or cause for criticism. However, when news orgs or journalists drift over to entertainment content, they are the ones acting unprofessionally and degrading their professional. All that shit.

Personally I despise the current state of things, where we have these three or four, how many ever cable news outfits which blur, to varying degrees, The Wall of Separation Between Entertainment and News. Let the comedians have that. Stick to trying to objectively and professionally provide top quality news reporting, will ya please?

By the way, and before I find the door. Yo! Chris and the rest of you wing nuts who think the "mainstream" media has a liberal bias. It's not really that simple. There is a huge difference between saying that most people in that field have a liberal world view, as opposed to them pursuing a liberal agenda. That's a difference on the order of not liking cats, vs going out at night and hunting them.

Ya dig?

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