Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Go My Own Way.

While fan boys like Professor Wingnut whine, whine, whine, about how mean the media is so mean to Michele Bachmann (one l. Two ns,) I'm paying attention to how much of an easy ride she is getting. She has been bullshitting and avoiding, and doing the side step in these interviews. And they are not really treating her like the flake she is.

Case in point, her recent interview with George Stephanopoulos. The John Qunicy Adams as a "Founding Father," bit? He probed but he did not push hard.


Be that as it may, George let her get away with not so much a lie, but more of a whopping, steaming pile of bullshit. Still vamping on how the founders worked "tirelessly" to get rid of slavery, she says this shit:

"Bachmann: Well you know what’s marvelous is that in this country and under our constitution, we have the ability when we recognize that something is wrong to change it. And that’s what we did in our country. We changed it. We no longer have slavery. That’s a good thing. And what our Constitution has done for our nation is to give us the basis of freedom unparalleled in the rest of the world."

Um, the thing that ended slavery in America was the U.S. Civil War, lady. Ya might have heard of it. 1861-1865. More than 500,000 American combatants killed. (That's not counting civilians.)

Now it was one thing for George not to ask The Stepford Wife what's her source for the J.Q. Adams info? That movie with Anthony Hopkins? (Love the movie, by the way. But seems to me that's where she was coming from.) But not to pounce on her for basically ignoring (if not being ignorant of) the importance of the Civil War in ending slavery? Whatta gaffe George. And whatta estunad, Bachmann.

Forget about just Newt not making it through summer. If Bachmann keeps up with the shit like she has been so far, she will be a fading star in a few weeks. So far no one in the main stream (and that includes Fox) media has tried to corner her on the actual issues. Yes, she speaks in broad conservative sweeping terms, but she has no plans, no ideas there. So far her platform consists of GOP dogma. Expect her to get pressed harder on that. After all, subsequent reporters will have to (out of being well bored of her canned remarks) start asking new questions. And the further away from her canned bits she gets, the more interesting things will get. And that more likely it is the Stepford Wife will let her freak fly. Or, alternatively, if she keeps retreating to the same canned bits, being known as a flake might not be the worst of fates for her. If she keeps up this routine, she will be known as a brainless parrot. In other words, she will end up being thought of, when all is said and done, as just another Palin. But one who speaks in complete, and rather grammatically correct sentences.

Stay tuned. I'm just hoping the act gets more interesting than not. I am well bored with the pat answers. Come on you journalists. do some real journalizing, will ya!

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