Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hey Professor Wingnut. I Tell People I Can't be a Monster, Because I was Already a Darkling.

That shit likely doesn't make sense to lots of people. Fans of Lady Gaga are known as monsters. Fans of the lesser known yet devoutly loved (and way more interesting, edgy) Shirley Manson are known as darklings. My excuse for not being a Gaga monster is my being a darkling before Gaga blew up on the pop scene. And I love her look and sound and all that shit more. Sorry. The Gaga act really doesn't put the lead in my pipe.

And in that vein, law professor wingnut? Don't you fucking get it? Maybe Sean Hannity considers Bachmann his honorary Congress Critter. But for the most part, expect Fox not news to stay stiff and drippy for Palin (even if she is not in the race, and they are being passive aggressive with supporting Palin, somewhat in some circumstances.)

What a Fool Believes.

Chris Wallace may have been pursuing his own agenda. He did, after all, use his attack on Bachmann as evidence for his being balanced. Following his being so soundly bitchslapped by Jon Stewart last week. And Geeze Louize. For a republican to eye fuck he picks Sarah Palin's rival? As a fem con with prezzy nomination ambition she's an easy target. She needs them more than they need her. Word!

Hey professor. This time I am going to say yes you are that fucking stupid if you can't see what is going on here. Palin is the filly in the Fox Stable. Bachmann is the insurgent, the challenger to the title of Tea Party Queen.

Are you really that fucking stupid not to get it that for now, Fox has decided on who is the wing nut beauty queen?

Fuck a duck. Wake up!

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