Sunday, June 26, 2011

Got to Admit it. Bachmann Got Game.

As opposed to Mrs. Palin, who can still manage to look and sound like an idiot with a friendly interviewer, Bachmann can handle the dreaded CBS Liberals. Today it's her against Bob Schieffer. He's not in hyper attack mode. But he's trying. She is staying poised, and polished. She knows how to do the effective side step.

And even if right now she's singing the anti gay bigot shit, she's doing it in a serious person's serious way.

And now the God speaks to me crap. That shit goes over well with evangelicals, but seems kooky with normal people.

Now for her wacky false statements, as chronicled by Politifact. And she sidesteps. Bob asks her about her outrageous lies about off shore drilling permits and she manages to vamp on energy policy. She denies misleading people with all her "pants on fire" lies, and she trots out Obama's prediction about the stimulus. As if trying to predict the future and not being perfectly prescient about it is the same as either deliberately misstating facts, or just being too lazy to check.

But I again admit. She did not come across as the freakish clown those of us who have been following her for years, knows well. Did she just mature or did she get herself a top coach? Well we know she's got some experienced, talented handlers and advisers. Hmmm. Maybe she won't be falling off the wall that soon? Well that might have to come from the other wannabes instead of the media.

And will someone for the love of god find out what is the truth about whether or not she's been lying about a post doct. degree in Tax?

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