Monday, June 13, 2011

Forgiveness, as Personal Therapy.

Not that I have finally succeeded in going all Zen or something, but I have had some progress. Not posting on message boards (for the most part,) at least not fighting people on message boards was a good start. I still go off on peeps here. But that's just venting to the void that is my extreme outpost on the Internet. That's not the same as doing a back and forth,"You suck!" "You suck more," kind of aggressive waste of time.

But in mind of letting shit go, I am thinking about trying harder to forgive someone who has treated me very badly. Not for her sake, as she did treat me in a most evil fashion, going from betrayal, to abuse, and in the end, flat out lies. But the forgiving is more for me. I can't get those years of my life back. That's spent. Them's gone.

But letting go of the grudge is hard, as one has to let go of the pain. And for lots of folk, including myself, to be sure, if all you got left is the pain, it's sometimes hard to let go of that. Because after you let go of the pain, you have to face up to the fact you have nothing to show for the time and investment made. But for losses. And losses are definitely not cool.

So I will try. I'm supposed to have a rudimentary understanding of finance and accounting. It's time to call that venture a total loss, move it into the proper column, and get it off the books as anything other than a capital loss.

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