Saturday, June 04, 2011

Follow Up to the "We're Oppressed Republicans," Bullshit.

Not that it gets worse, but they are really going there. And by there I mean this seems to be if not a coordinated attack on the idea that racism, sexism, and the other government prohibited discrimination of members of suspect classes is way the fuck different than chosen political party. Then it seems the flood gates are opening, none the less. If the modern GOP/conservative movement is all about resentment, this is the thing they really resent. They resent the fact that we despise them. Granted they keep missing the fact we despise them with reason, and that reason is the way wing nuts think and act, and by that I mean horribly. They miss that part. But they get it that we really don't like them on account of them being wing nuts.

So watch out, good people. The Wing nuts are letting their racist/sexist/whatever horrible "ist" freaky selves fly.

Now that video I linked in the prior post? I looked at the comments. And there were over 900. One of them called the fuckers out for their odious comparison to racial discrimination. I noticed that that comment had so many dislikes that there was a message attached to it saying so.

What the fuck? No. I can't really be surprised. Like I said, I have fought this fight with some of those freaks before. They really do believe in that shit.

Oh. I have noticed on some other websites/blogs, mention of that book written by the Harvard Law Cum Laude grad who oddly doesn't seem to know the rules of discrimination lawsuits. Guess he's the new star. People get ready for more moronic bullshit from the wing nuts about how intellectual diversity is the new frontier.

Oh. One thing worth noting but maybe not linking. Some conservative screenwriter resigned his co chair in some professional Hollywood caucus over this. He wrote some lame-assed letter and it's been published in Variety. Here's my reply to his insane, whiny letter:

No, jackass. It's not so much your person that we hate. It is your politics. It is your world view. It is the fact you ally yourself with people who are odious. Abandon your hateful politics and all will be forgiven.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

I hope I live long enough to see the utter destruction of the GOP.

Of course, when that day comes, the Democrats will be the right wing party, and I will have to join the new left party. Can't say for sure what will be the name of that party, but for now I refer to it as El Partido Para Los Gente.

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