Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Calling Bullshit on Beck. Calling More Bullshit on Bernie Goldberg

Turns out Glenn Beck is either way more delusional than we thought, or is an accomplished liar. Well, he could be both, actually, but anyway, his recent allegation about being attacked in NY City's Bryant Park is the nastiest, rankest bullshit.

Turns out some one merely accidentally spilled some wine, apologized for it, and helped Beck's wife clean it up, according to the most recent account.


But according to Beck he was targeted for harassment and all that crazy paranoid shit he said on the radio. Now as of late, I have been saying there's no excuse for being a republican. But this guy? Medication? Incarceration? Either way he needs a lot of remedial help. Or to be put somewhere where his toxic shit can be better contained.

And in other freak a zoid news, Bernie Goldberg has decided to go ballistic on Jon Stewart, over the (as they are calling it) 'Amos and Andy' voice he used making fun of Real Life Minstrel Act Herman Cain.

Bernie. Listen up. I have been given shit by GOPers for accusing the GOP of deliberately misusing the word racism to deliberately muddy the meaning and power of the word. And you, you incredible ass, do that deliberately and knowingly. Thanks for proving my point.

And I quote:

"I told Juan Williams who was sitting in for Bill, that conservatives should do what liberals have been doing for years – they should play fast and loose with the word “racist.” They should promiscuously call every liberal who criticizes Herman Cain – or any other conservative black man – a racist. Not because it’s true, but precisely because it’s a lie."


Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Never minding the ignorance of your premise, that liberals are deliberately playing fast and loose with the word racist. Your practical admission in that piece that that is exactly what you are doing to Jon Stewart, and your call to other conservatives to do so as well, is just prime facie evidence of your depravity. That is evil. To do that deliberately. No matter how deeply you believe the other team is doing it. Shit, more so if you really believe the other team is doing it, that's more of a reason never to do it.

Did I say that is evil? Shit. Oh. And Bernie. Using of the phrase, "A black man who has strayed from the liberal plantation," might not be evidence you are a racist. But in using that phrase as part of your argument you have insulted the intelligence of the overwhelming majority of Blacks in America, and as well insulted every Democrat. Way to go, sport!

Now Bernie, you might have a hard time getting the truth of the matter here, but you are despicable. You are despicable for the things you think, things you say, and the things you encourage others to do. Sickening.

And oh. Now can I say that no liberal has ever cynically called someone a racist with out really believing the target was a racist? Of course I can't. Shit. I'll go so far to say I am sure it happens. But when it does, I'm pretty damn sure that's the exception. It's the outlier. I'd argue that for the overwhelming most of the time, the liberal using that word actually believes the target is a racist. For example I can say with a very high degree of confidence, that when liberals accuse Glenn Beck or Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh of being racists, they mean it. Because all those guys are way the hell past the line when it comes to that stuff. Millions and millions of people really believe those guys all are racists, on account of the things they believe, and say, and encourage others to do.

See how that works?

(Oy vey!)

Ok. At least I have moved on from Bachmann.

Edit to Add:

Amos and Andy, my black ass! I just was watching the clip of Jon Stewart taking on the matter of the cynical attacks Fox has been making for the past few days, and in the middle of that was the original mocking of Cain bit. Shit. The accent was more Foghorn Leghorn, than anything else. And in re watching the set up, the actual speech Cain gives, I have to say and say again. If he is not himself trying to do the Minstrel show thing. If that is not a deliberate thing he's doing there, he ought to get himself a good drama and voice coach, regardless of his political ambitions. At best he comes across like some jack leg snake oil salesmen. But the way he plays to the audience? Very bad shit, that.

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