Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back to Some Wingnut Law Professor. He Found a Negro Palin-Head.

Astounding! Not.

"The sum of all their fears."

Talk about a perverse delusion. Granted, white GOPers outnumber black GOPers by what? 63% to 2% of the whole party, according to Gallup. So if there are (an itty bitty tiny amount of) blacks in the GOP, the mere existence of one who likes Palin is just a yawning event.

And forget Palin. Hey Professor Wingnut. Did you happen to forget the negro man running in the GOP Primary? Ain't that the more important thing? And he's not the first.

Speaking of 'not the first,' if you follow the link to Professor Wingnut's page and look at the first article he links, you get to read the incredible story about how this black lady got all into Palin because her little daughter saw Palin on the TV. The little girl is said to have said something like she did not know a girl could become President. I call this incredible, and by that I mean doesn't pass the stink test. Um. Hillary? Remember her? I read that the first time and just glassed over on account of the vapidness. On my second pass, I deconstructed it and came to the conclusion that I don't give a fuck what anyone else says. That looks like scripted bullshit to me. Nanook of the North level scripted bullshit.

Oh. And the following song just popped into my head:

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