Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apology Not Accepted. The Fucker Needs to be Fired. But FOX Won't Fire a Racist for Being a Racist.

After all, that fucker Eric Bolling just thinks and acts the same way as the Fox audience. And I was just looking at his facebook page, and people were cheering him on, before his apology, that is.

To explain, Fox Business host Eric Bolling decided last Friday to double down on the racist attacks on P. Obama. Now to remind you all, Bolling was the dull witted racist piece of garbage who described P.Obama's having a pint, down at the pub, while in Ireland as "Cracking 40s." But last Friday he got weirder and stranger, with some tortured analogy between the occasion of the visit of the President of Gabon and gangsta culture, referring to the hoods in the hizzy and calling the (Obama) White House the White Hizzy.

And he has since, as of yesterday, apologized, saying he went to far.

Apology not accepted. Not by me, at least. Firstly the apology did not go far enough. He did not acknowledge why what he said, why the shtick he was doing was blatantly racist. Nor did he say that he would never go there, never even attempt to play that shit again. And lastly. He knew what the fuck he was doing from the get-go. Even with out the previous incident, the fuck was deliberately playing the bad association game, the white racist edition, by equating Obama with Ghetto.

And like I said above, the audience at Fox loves that shit. That low level racism is what brightens so many of those sad and sick individuals' days. Some try to pretend it's not a deliberate association. It's just trying to be cute or clever, as if we do not live in the day and age where that racist shit is not supposed to be considered cute or clever any fucking more. But I do recall the more honest right wing racist I saw over at the Hannity forum, back around the time of the 2008 election. That woman came right out and said she feared that the election of Obama would take the whole nation ghetto, like what (according to her) happened to every city that elected a black man as mayor.

And that people is the game Bolling deliberately and knowingly played. Fuck him and fuck his apology. Granted, I will never be happy with either Fox News channel on account of their politics and the lying. But the thing that makes me so very mad at those fuckers is they tolerate that shit. And I have to wonder if hosts over there are deliberately encouraged to push the line on that shit. I mean really. There is a perfectly easy to understand reason why that shit does not happen on any other network. Any other network would not only fire anyone who said shit like that, but security would have them out of the building and outside the property line before the show came back from the next commercial break. So the fact that kind of blatantly racist shit happens on Fox can not be a series of accidents. Occam's Razor, all that.

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