Monday, June 06, 2011

And I Was Just Thinking, Wishing Breitbart Would Contract, Get Some Horrible, Painful Disease.

You know. Because wishing ill on truly evil people is allowed. And all.

So I saw somewhere today (Mediate) that Breitbart posted that he has access to some private communications between Weiner and some other woman. And in Breitbart's twisted evil words, the existence of these things casts doubt on Weiner's version of the Twitter thing.

Ya. As if the mere fact I had a hook up with Alice means I lied about never hooking up with Jane. Ya. Right. Fucking evil liar. (I know I have been very cuss happy lately. I think I have been overdosing on trollish, scummy right wingers. And I don't even fight them on line anymore. I guess my net consumption of right wing shit is hitting the toxic level. I need a break soon!)

Anyway, Breitbart's drill down into Weiner's love/relationship-life brings to mind something I was thinking about on Friday, or some time recently. The whole, 'This is Your Sex Life, as Public Entertainment,' thing, is really one of the more vile, sickest things about our society. Ya. Most everyone has a weakness for a little schadenfreude, particularly when you don't like the person in question. And humans love them some gossip. And rubber necking too. But the sex/love life thing is a twisted version of all those things. It really is like the reaction particularly men get when they see, particularly in a comedy, some other guy get banged in the nuts. On one level we all think, "Fucking ouch! That's gotta hurt." But on the other level, it's all,"Ha Ha. That was not me."

Now that is only part of what I was thinking about the other day. I was imagining a press conference where a politician sucked into a sex scandal turned, in a way, the tables on the press by saying something like:

Imagine if we were not talking about my sex and or love life. Imagine if it was yours? Imagine if the details of your first fumbling sexual experience were all of a sudden declared news of the day? How about that time, and I say for example, only, you had too much too drink and woke up in bed with the wrong person? How about a list of all the people you ever had a crush on? How about if the three worst relationships of your life, were granting interviews and spilling out not only the truth about some of the details of your sex life, but mixed that up with so many lies there would be no way to separate truth from fiction with out furthering your embarrassment? Even so, if you are in a perfectly nice relationship, a normal ordinary relationship, imagine how you would feel if your partner started talking about the thousand and one little detials that make up the intimate part of your life, sexual or not? How would you like being confronted about that, by strangers, having the intimate bits of you life serving as entertainment for the public? Well?

No, I am not saying there is no place for such stories particularly from and about politicians. But there is a line. Adultery? Hmm ok. Sex crimes? Hmmm ok. Ya get arrested for what you do, then that is definitely up for public consumption. Messing with the help? That's newsworthy, particularly when tied in with adultery and such scandalous shit. And catching someone in obvious hypocrisy? Ya. If you actually do what you run around saying is bad, that's fair game. But the normal stupid details of a person's sex life? And in this day and age the Internet is often part of that? Well that really should be considered out of bounds, unless it really is otherwise newsworthy.

I am not saying there ought to be a law against it. But when someone like a Breitbart goes out there digging into someone else's sex life only to embarrass them, in some rat fucking, dirty tricks campaign? Well if we can't arrest the fucker, at least we can wish ill upon them, and without guilt.

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