Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well It's Not As If Mrs. Palin Has Given Me New Cause to Call Her a Racist, Exactly, But . . .

It's pretty close. According to the report, she took David Gregory to task for calling out Newt on Newt's racist dog whistle. According to her "logic" one white person calling out another one for employing despicable racist dog whistle rhetoric, is itself racially tinged and/or racism. What the ever loving fuck!

Mrs. Palin Lets The Race Baiting Cat Out of the Bag.

But as I suggest in the custom headline there, the cat is out of the bag. I have been predicting that the GOP, this election season, will sink to all time new lows of shittyness. And if this is the tactic for now, to race bait, and then, like the grammar school playground rubber/glue thing call 'racist' those who call them out on that shit, they have already (in this one example) reached a new, execrable, and record low.

But for some time now I have been saying there is a sorta almost organized effort out there, in the rednecky part of the right wing, to do their best to weaken the word and the idea of racism. Weakening the meaning of the word, the idea of what is racism helps them get away with all kinds of ugly racist shit. And Mrs. Palin is clearly part of that plan. Oddly enough, that runs counter to the other thing they do. That is when it's one of them caught in an obvious racist slip up, they will strain all credibility to narrow the standard meaning of the word to try to move the offending act/words outside of the definition. Basically, they will do and say anything to avoid taking responsibility, or even just catch up to the rest of us with the understanding of what is and is not socially acceptable for civilized adults in the 21st century.

And the election is more than a year away, kiddies. They are not even warmed up yet.

And yes. I am going there. I am going to talk about her looks. While I consider just about anything other than that modified Mullet she is famous for, the poofy on top thing, an improvement, I am puzzled with the new do. It's sort half "That Girl" and half Middle Age Republican Matron Helmet Head. I think she was going for the latter. I think it would be such fun if she tried out a proper Margaret Thatcher "Bouffant Terrible." (Thanks to Rhys Hughes for that description.)

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