Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Trying Out New Nicnames for Mrs. Palin.



How about Skulls?

According to one theory, it's wrong to talk about her looks. Remember, though, this is the woman who wore heels while and when riding on a Harley Hog. And even if taking that class in Fundamentals of Costume Design was a dreary experience, and the professor ripped me to shreds on my presentations, that was not on account of lack of skills. That was on account of not feeling it. Still, though. I learned that craft. So when I say the following I am saying it as a formerly professional general theatre artist.

I wonder how long it took them to find that helmet that just so perfectly allowed for the fringe of bangs up front, and maximum hair flow, in the back? If they found it fast they were lucky, but I am damn sure choice was made based on how it looked.

So there.

Still, I don't get the fan boys. On her best day she rates a B-. I know. I grade hard. I've lived in the NY City area for most of my nearly 50 years, and I am used to cutting across the Garment District and seeing actual fashion models all the time. The low rent snowbilly does not rate. And she has had so much work done that I don't really see a face there. I see either the work, or the skull, or some creepy vision of both.



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