Saturday, May 28, 2011

That Wing Nut Judge Who Ruled Unconst. the Prohibition on Direct Corporate Campaign Donations?

Well ya, he's a wing nut. And maybe nuts. I checked. He's a Reagan appointee, at least 77 years old, and on Senior Status. Usually Senior Status judges don't get the controversial cases. And likely no one in the Chief Judge's office expected this shit to go down this way.

So question is, did he go off the rails because his mind is slipping, or did he think something like fuckit. I'll just do what I want, here?

We will see. I haven't checked to see who is the current Chief Judge for the Eastern District of VA, but I have to wonder, if they are not wing nutty themselves, will they continue to let old man Cacheris hang around the court house and help out? Ok. I checked, and the CJ is another Reagan appointee, but I am not going to guess he's a full on wing nut. Anyway . . .

The official rule, as I understand it, is that Senior Judges have no right to hear cases. That is totally under the discretion of the Chief Judge. And that leads to the unofficial rule. Senior Judges should not make trouble.

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