Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Quickies, Starting With the One About Citizen Ailes.

Although the sexy payoff in the article is alleged to be about how Rodger might be smart enough to know Mrs. Palin is stupid, it's the Citizen Ailes part that bothers me. Well, not that it is anything really new - newsy, but the reality that the head of of a Major Cable News Division is on the one hand, counseling potential seekers for the one party's nomination for the Presidential Election, is bad enough. Deliberately running a 'stable' of them is worse. I guess the real meaning of "Fair and Balanced" is when the head of the GOP-loving TV News Network not only plays power broker and kingmaker, but hopes to be able to manipulate the government and nation by manipulating the person in the oval office. Fucking republicans.

Moving on, this seems appealing to me. In the, "Train Wreck About to Happen," sense. The idea of a Cain/West ticket intrigues me as it's one thing for the 'Good Negro' to win a straw poll. It would be another thing indeed to have two far right wing nut "Good Negroes," on the GOP ticket. This is not a Pre Supporting Barak Obama Colin Powell/Dr; Rice ticket. This is a two "Good" but basically mystery Negroes ticket. And personally I want to see how many GOPers will stay home on election day, with an all negro GOP ticket. As a curiosity factor. I would love to see the result of that sociological and psychological test. Not that I have a vested interest in quantifying the level of proof of how deeply racist the GOP rank and file are. No. Wait. I have made many statements about my guesses to that, over the years. So I do have a horse in that race.

Moving on, Daniels is out, on account of not being in. For respectable, sane-seeming humans, we have Pawlenty and Romney. Which barring any major flame out by him means I am putting Pawlenty as a little more the favorite. That's because I think the Mormon thing is still a negative for Romney. More so than being the grandfather of what those wing nuts call "Obamacare."

Problem I have with the idea of a Pawlenty ascendancy is not really a negative for him as far as his chances go. It's more of a "These guys are so fucking un hip," point. They call him TPaw. In a weird attempt to make this bland human being seem cool. Now in a world where someone has no idea who TPaw is, if one was told they are being taken to meet TPaw, they might conjure an image of some Major League Slugger, or someone who looks like that. But instead of that, they end up seeing/meeting someone who looks like a middle aged, mid level manager for a regional accounting firm. Oh well. He looks better on cam than Newt.

Oh. And I want Newt to stay in the primary race as long as possible. If only for Jon Stewart's and David Letterman's and the rest of the comedy writers' and performers' sakes.

That's enough for now. Oh. And since we all survived the Poxy Clipse and the Poxy Clipse parties, it's time to get to planning the Post Cancelled Poxy Clipse parties. Otherwise known as, "We're Still Here, Damnit," parties.

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