Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Speaking of the Overlap Between Science Fiction and American Politics . . .

(Spoilers, for the current season of Doctor Who.)

Last week's episode featured one of those tried and true sci-fi twists, the overlapping of space and time, where people from different worlds interact in the strange space. And it's not original to say so, I am sure, but that is how I see American Politics. It's like the moderates and most of the left (before you get to the genuine neo-marxists and anarchists) are the normal world, and the right wing nuts are the invading other-worldsters. I know they would argue it's the other way around, but still. Most of the dictionaries, and scholars, and professors, and experts live in my reality. It's the wing nuts who are nuts.

Case in point.: Karl Rove being taken seriously as a pundit. That's sort of like that other fictional cliche,"It Takes a Thief." Not to mention any of the other wing nut political hacks in Fox News' stable. And the hosts? Minor non story of the week (and I guess this is on account of the failure of the condemn P. Obama for killing Bin Laden, efffort) is that wing nuts are all upset because some virtually unknown rapper/poet has been invited to the WH. What the fuck? Anyway, that notorious college dropout, and likely employer of undocumented workers (when he ran construction gangs in Cali,) Hannity is all over that shit.

More unreality. Just watched a clip of ex congresscritter Tom Tancredo being grilled by Martin Bashir. Bad Bashir. Grilling poor political arsonist Tancredo with the actual inflammatory words and ideas he has previously spewed. I mean really. Ya can't expect someone like Tancredo to stand by the logical conclusion of saying shit like,"P. Obama is a bigger danger than Osama Bin Laden?"

For the record I was being sarcastic. And personally I have said many times that the extremist wing nuts are more of a danger than terrorists. And I would not back away from it, but I would repeat what I have said often. That there is nothing so wrong with most of those people that can't be fixed by changing their minds to that of rational people. But until then? I'm more afraid of them than some foreign terroristas. After all, odds are that the threat that is closest to you is more likely to harm you.

But Tancredo's explanation was counter attack and insult. He could have calmly and rationally explained that, no he would never mean to insinuate a violent remedy. But he went all batshit on Bashir. Last time I saw a wing nut go that batshit they were outed as a racist, and were scrambling for a diversionary counter attack. (And as an aside, this proves to me that just like the outing of these violent imagery loving racists as racists is a weak point, so is their love of violent imagery and language. Hit them where it hurts, I say -- if metaphorically only.)

But ya see. That shows what I mean by overlapping worlds. The world I live in does not normalize that kind of crazy. But in the wing nut world, going batshit when outed as a racist (or too tolerant of that sort of shit) or as a lover of violent rhetoric (or too tolerant of that shit,) is taken for normal. That's not normal. That's fucked up craziness, actually.

I'll end there. I'll confess that if I put more mind to it, I could construct and expand on a more thoughtful theory and or argument. That's not going to happen today.

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