Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sort of a Follow Up to PintGate. And My Predictions on How Low (RACIST) They Are Willing to Go.

Yesterday I mentioned Laura Ingraham's twisted shot at P. Obama regarding his trip to a pub while in Ireland. Now Fox News' up and coming lunatic, Eric Bolling, has not only doubled down on that non story, but went racist with the attack, as well. "Cracking 40's." Ya. Douche went there.

Now the story I am linking here on Mediaite focuses on Ed Shultz's comments about Bolling. Yes. I agree with Ed. He's auditioning for Nutjob of Fox News. But I disagree with the commenter (editor) who put that post together at Mediaite. No, it's not 'smartly' avoided calling him, Bolling, a racist. But I have a bias, and that bias is to go ahead and call it as I see it. And if one is close enough to being a racist by employing such odious racist language, in order to appeal to racist thoughts and beliefs in others, then one is as good (meaning bad) as a racist. Remember -- we grade by Horseshoe rules. Close is close enough.

Not that I am taking on Ed for his editorial choices. He has a real gig, and he might me trying to set himself up with a nice good long rivalry a la Olbermann and O'Reilly. So he can go at his own speed. But me? I call shit like Bolling a racist, with out spending too much time splitting hairs about it. And like I predicted over and over since 2008. The racists are coming out of the walls like cockroaches. Let's not pretend they are not vermin, as that is what they are.

Last words. In a News Division run by minimally moral creatures, the douche should have been forcibly removed from the set and taken directly out of the building, officially fired and banned for all time from the property, right then and there. But we are not talking about minimally moral management, there. That is Roger Ailes' shop. And he's a nasty, sick fucker.

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