Friday, May 06, 2011

So the Oath Keepers and the Birchers Sponsored the First GOP Wannabe Debate? Wassamatter?

Were the CCC and the Tea Party Nation busy that night?

Remember, kiddies. The Birchers were too extreme for Bill Buckley. And let's just say that anyone too extreme for Bill Buckley should be considered a paste eating moron. And that used to be the majority view on the right. (Not in so many words, but there used to be standards.)

If the American right wing is so extreme that the Birchers are now considered mainstream GOPers, that's some of the best evidence that the party has been hijacked by the lunatic fringe. Shit. Them batids have all but 'disappeared' all the so called moderate GOPers. They're gunning for Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe next time round. If they get them out, who will be left (pun not intended) for moderate GOPers? Will too extreme Lindsey Graham be the new benchmark? How about McCain or Orin Hatch? Fucking nuts!

On the one hand I hope that such a further lurch will hasten the demise of this too-evil political party/movement. On the other hand, after these most recent midterms, I am appalled to see how reckless people will get when they are indys and/or swing voters and lodging 'protest' votes. Lots of seriously mentally unstable wing nuts went down in flames, last round. But too many got elected.


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