Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So I Read This Perverse, Ass-Kissing Article About Mrs. Palin, on "The Atlantic," and

well I have to guess pathology, attracts pathology.

Summing up the over wordy article,

if Mrs. Palin were not so much of a pathological, immature, narcissistic incompotent, she might have ended up not so scary a pathological, immature, narcissistic incompotent with only one real credit to her portfolio.

I take great liberties there. The writer gushes about her, to my mind, paltry successes. He cites two, the gas and oil tax, and the pipeline to nowhere. I reduce that to one, just the tax, as even if it was a good bit of tactics to get the deal on the pipeline through the legislature, it's a pyrrhic victory. The pipeline does not exist. It may never exist. So how can that be much of a success?

Likewise, he really glosses over the psychopathic pathologies that have driven Mrs. Palin. No. Well yes, if you want to get down to the nitty gritty that aggressive leaders have been for the most part sociopaths, throughout all of human history. Yes. But one should be careful in the 21st century in pointing out the difference between single-minded selfishness and self-interest, from anything worthy of respect from sane, decent, adult people.

Lastly (as I tire of the subject already) his juxtaposition of Mrs. Palin being potentially the agent of change over P. Obama is laughingly moronic. Mrs. Palin was running for VP. She might have willingly accepted the position of attack dog against P. Obama, but she was not the candidate running against him. That would have been the person at the top of the GOP ticket, Sen. McCain.

Now I am not going to go all "Woe of Woes, calamity of calamities," here. But this is borderline "Fox Nation" style partisan, bullshit, hack writing. This is not journalism, despite the pathetically weak attempt to balance it out. It's more of a love song. Well, the kind of love song one would write about a bi polar girlfriend who's off her meds, but you still love her despite the crazy shit.

Fuckit. I'll link the thing.

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