Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sarah Palin, Rolling Tacky

Here's all you need to know about Mrs. Palin's tacky display at the "Rolling Thunder," event.

She jumped the line. Instead of just pulling up behind the people who had been there for hours, she and her Palin Family party just jumped to the head of the line.

Check it, here.

Other than that, she (according to some other report I saw, maybe on Fox) asked some real biker chick, how they deal with wearing leather. And she wore heels.

I say as a joke I gave up on bar babes, and biker chix, years ago. But I never hung with biker babes that much (although there was the local bar run by bikers I used to go to.) Anyway, I know this much. A real biker chick would never sweat getting sweaty in her leathers. Nor would she wear heels, even if she was riding behind. So short of it is, it was yet another patently false, fake event and performance amateurishly delivered by the Snow billy Queen.

The moron fanboys loved it. (Don't take me for being gender specific there. Her female fans often act as bad as the males, and the males often act like some immature, middle aged geeks ogling some former supporting actress from one of the Star Trek series, at one of those Comiccons. Yeesh!)

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