Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quickies . . . And a Rant Against Right Wing Redneck Racists. In Other Words, The Ususal.

It's local election day. Despite the proper wording of the ancient joke, I only voted early, not often.

Wing Nuts continue to attempt to cheapen or demean the President's High Water Mark in putting the whack on Bin Laden. Granted, even Al Qada says he's dead and we (the USA) did it, so that should shut up the Deathers. But let's be honest. There are no limits of decency for the evil lying wing nuts. Perhaps even more perverse than trying to find fault in killing our nation's sworn enemy, is how the pro torture forces are trying to rehab that nugget of elephant snot. I repeat. There are no limits of decency for the evil lying wing nuts.

What else is going down? There's petty matters involving the bad hair man, but I am still trying not to directly talk about him. But for a tangent, and actually one of my biggest pet peeves in life, we are seeing yet another eruption in the perverse racist redneck republican attempts to either redefine what racism is, or otherwise deny its more subtle (and highly prevalent particularly among right wingers) current state and nature.

I was thinking about this earlier today, as last night I watched something on another blog about how Mr. Breitbart was whining that he once was "SET UP" to look like a racist on an episode of "Real Time With Bill Maher." Set up? What a batshit stupid thing to say. You might as well say someone set you up to be tall, or short, or stupid, or a ranting religious zealot. But the crux of the biscuit is no one controls the stupid shit that flies out of that racist's mouth other than him. And to be more specific, it's his racist brain that makes his otherwise neutral lips spew that shit.

Anyway, the blog post in question is here on Crooks and Liars. It features some bizarre plug session for his book, run on CSPAN, and the interview is conducted by some weird black republican. The blog post also has the archived clip of Breitbart on "Real Time," that he refers to. Now funny, but those wing nuts are so anti education that even the allegedly educated ones ape being home spun rednecks who get confused by big words. And he takes a shot at Prof. Dyson, which only makes Breibart look ignorant. But anyway, Breitbart denies that he or Rush Limbaugh are racists, and denies the simple fact that folk can't get away with 1960's style racism anymore, and code words have taken over from out and out racist language.

Now I saw that vid last night, but this morning I was thinking, ya know? These fucking rednecks are still getting away with 1960's style racist shit. Think about what happened to that human cartoon character, Dog the Bounty Hunter. He got caught using the word nigger about a black woman and got a pass from the other rednecks. Likewise, Dr. Laura went on a nigger nigger rampage, and yes. Right wing rednecks defended her too. But yes, for the most part folk can't get away with that shit anymore. It's code and dog whistles. And the only people who deny that shit either know in the hearts and minds they are themselves racists. Or they really don't have too much of a problem with that shit. Fucking racist GOPers.

If I ever meet that particular piece of garbage, Breitbart, I will want to just call him out as a racist. Then, play him like a fiddle. Anyway . . . .

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