Friday, May 27, 2011

Palin's Taking a Bus Tour. Should Anyone Care?

Before I go any further, I must confess that I mentioned this yesterday on my FB page. I'm kinda thinking it might be more likely than I ever thought before, but I am still sorta hedging my bet whether or not she's running for POTUS. At the least, news of this tour gave me a chance to knock her and her ability to fuck things up, particularly when she goes of script. (Now I am assuming she will have a script for her stops. Question is will she stick with them or not?)

But I read today (noticed the art. on Mediaite last night, though) some interesting opinions from Lawrence O'Donnell. His take on the situation was to lay shame on the media, particularly the NY Times, for falling for that shit. Again. Remember Trump? (I swore off using that flim-flam-racist-man's name, but he is out of the race now, mostly.) Not really a digression, but linked idea, I read some other article accusing that loony sheriff Joe Arapio of being more concerned with PR than proper management of his department. So I guess my point here, is maybe the question of the day should not be whether she's in the race, but instead, how should society deal with ego centric, collossal attention whores?

(Yes I know in the post slut-incident world, we need to be mindful, but the term attention whore or ho is universally understood to be gender neutral.)

But ya. That's my thought of the day, based on this latest installment of the Mrs. Palin saga.

Should we turn our eyes away until she does something actually truly newsworthy? That would be best for us, I recon. But we do like the shiny thing more than the dull thing. See how it sparkles!

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