Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Once It Hits My Hard Drive, IT'S MINE!

Sounds a little cryptic, so I should explain that. Way back in the day when I was learning my way around the system folders in Win 95 and found the temp Internet folder, I realized that that was how it worked. I became increasingly tech savvy after that point. Content delivered via flash and video feeds often bypass a temp storage folder. That is why some content is called streamed. Ordinary images are not streamed. They stick to hard drives like barnacles do to the bottom of a boat. You might not see them, but they are there.

And those are the underlying facts for one of the main reasons I believe #weinergate is a ratfuck. Weiner is tech savvy. The idea of him uploading a sexually suggestive photo to some remote server, um, make that an array of redundant servers, doesn't pass the giggle test. Another reason I believe the hack allegation is I know people who have had their facebook accounts hacked. One, is very much a computer expert. No matter how savvy one is, one cannot totally prevent shit from happening on line.

There's an interesting timeline and breakdown of the facts known and the identity of the likely ratfucker, here. It's not proof conclusive yet, but it's really looking bad for those people who were ready to pounce on the congresscritter. Now I have to confess, today I read some interesting gossipy anti Weiner shit on line. So I will give this little bit to the lynch mob. It's not 100% insane to buy into the "he's a pervert trying to cover his tracks," narrative. But it's half crazy, particularly with this set of facts.

And I know I should stop talking about a certain law professor, but jeeze louise. If it weren't for the fact that I need to get myself a screenplay writer or TV writer job first, I'd recommend her to the next producer I meet, as she is spinning some spaced out scenarios.

Love (not really -- I'm being sarcastic) this one. She's got this idea that Twitter and these other companies could sue him for defamation for saying he got hacked.

Really? No. I mean yes, as my old joke goes, I will sue anyone for you if you give me $10,000.00, be they alive, dead, or unborn. That is to say, you can file any nonsense paperwork at the court house. Doesn't mean there's a case there. And I suppose that all companies potentially involved in this incident have been hacked. Shit. I already mentioned here how I know people who's facebook accounts were hacked. So I repeat.


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